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And now BDSM20 is pleased to bring you Molly The Puppy Girl the original eBook series.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to own a puppy girl slave? It’s equally rewarding, joyous, and extremely satisfying. If you’re new to the wild world of animal role-play, there are a few things you should know before owning your very own puppy girl…
The following terms commonly used in the Dominant & Slave/ Submissive relationship between the Master and Slave, etc
Megan, an attractive 18 year old college freshman, is normally a straight A student, but finds herself struggling in home EC. Her instructor, Miss Adams, helps her get into the right mindset with some new studying techniques. Unfortunately for Megan, Miss Adams plans to do more than help her with her grades.
The SM Slave Contract which is a written agreement between the Dominant & Slave/ Submissive. It can be either formal or non legally binding agreement establishing her enslavement.
Sierra is a young waitress living in Austin, Texas. One fateful day Sierra has a run in with a stranger on a bus who secretly has a device that can implant hypnotic suggestions. Sierra is soon under the man’s complete control and she is stripped of her old life and forced to serve her new master’s every desire.
Sierra is a beautiful young woman who recently accepted a job to model clothing, but did not realize that it was a job where she had to wear pony fetish gear. Even if that wasn’t her kink, modeling was a dream job with a good work environment and amazing pay. Little did she know that her employers were secretly using subliminal messages to make her into a real submissive pony girl.